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     Sports (24)  Sporting Events for the Next 2 Weeks
Mon, Mar 27: JV Softball, Dillon, Home, 5:00
Mon, Mar 27: JV Baseball, Johnsonville, Home, 5:30
Mon, Mar 27: Varsity Softball, Dillon, Home, 7:00
Tue, Mar 28: Golf, HP/Marion, Dillon, 4:00
Tue, Mar 28: Varsity Softball, Mullins, Away, 6:00
Tue, Mar 28: Varsity Baseball, Mullins, Away, 6:30
Wed, Mar 29: Varsity Baseball, Dillon, Home, 5:30
Thu, Mar 30: Track, Johnsonville, Away, 5:00
Thu, Mar 30: JV Baseball, Andrews, Home, 6:00
Thu, Mar 30: JV Softball, Johnsonville, Away, 6:00
Fri, Mar 31: Varsity Softball, Andrews, Home, 6:00
Fri, Mar 31: Varsity Baseball, Andrews, Home, 6:30
Mon, Apr 03: Golf, Marion, Dillon, 4:00
Mon, Apr 03: JV Baseball, Lamar, Home, 5:30
Mon, Apr 03: JV Softball, Green Sea Floyds, Home, 5:30
Mon, Apr 03: Varsity Softball, Hartsville, Away, 6:00
Tue, Apr 04: Track, Marion, Away, 5:00
Tue, Apr 04: Varsity Softball, Kingstree (DH), Away, 6:00
Tue, Apr 04: Varsity Baseball, Kingstree (DH), Away, 6:30
Wed, Apr 05: JV Softball, Darlington (DH), Home, 5:30
Wed, Apr 05: Varsity Baseball, Hemingway (DH), Home, 5:30
Thu, Apr 06: Golf, Andrews and Carvers Bay, Dillon, 4:00
Fri, Apr 07: Varsity Softball, Carvers Bay, Home, 6:00
Fri, Apr 07: Varsity Baseball, Carvers Bay, Home, 6:60

ACT/SAT Word to Know

absolve (v.) To free from sin or its penalties.

LHS Academic Challenge

LHS Academic Challenge
The 2017 Academic Challenge Tournament was held on March 4, 2017 at West Florence High School. The event was organized and conducted by the Pee Dee Education Center. Latta High School was first recognized for an undefeated regular season. Then Latta competed in division 2 against 10 other Pee Dee area high schools. After making it to the championship round they came in second place. Mr. Bob Juback from WBTW Channel 13 was the moderator for this event.

Congratulations to the 2016-17 Teachers of the Year!

2016-17 Latta Teachers of the Year Latta Schools is proud to announce the 2016-17 teachers of the year for our three schools. They are Jodie Branham from LHS (center), Elizabeth Carmichael from LMS (bottom-left), and Beth Minshew from LES (bottom-right). Jodie Branham was also selected as the Latta Schools' District Teacher of the Year.

Each of them works tirelessly to help their students and they are deserving of this recognition for their significant accomplishments.

SchoolWay App

SchoolWay Image

Latta Schools is now offering a free mobile communications app for parents and students to use on their phones and tablets. The product is called SchoolWay, and you can download the apps by going to our Parent Resource or Student Resource pages from the main menu above.