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  Lunch   Today's Lunch
Roasted Chicken
Herb Potatoes
Fresh Broccoli Salad
Whole Grain Roll 2 oz.
Cantaloupe Chunks
Apple Juice - HS
Chef Salad 2 GB
Today's Breakfast
Honey Bun
Fresh Seasonal Plum
100% Apple Juice
Choice of Milk
     Sports (6)  Sporting Events for the Next 2 Weeks
Fri, Aug 26: Varsity Football, Creek Bridge, Home, 7:30
Tue, Aug 30: Volleyball, Johnsonville, Home, JV 5:30- V 6:30
Wed, Aug 31: Volleyball, Dillon, Home, JV 4:30 - V 6:00
Thu, Sep 01: Volleyball, Mullins, Home, V 6:00
Fri, Sep 02: Varsity Football, Dillon, Away, 7:30
Tue, Sep 06: Volleyball, Kingstree, Away, JV 5:30 - V 6:30

ACT/SAT Word to Know

menagerie (n.) A collection of wild animals, especially when kept for exhibition.

SchoolWay App

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Latta Schools is now offering a free mobile communications app for parents and students to use on their phones and tablets. The product is called SchoolWay, and you can download the apps by going to our Parent Resource or Student Resource pages from the main menu above.